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Toast and Spreads

2 slices

1 x spread $8  |  2 x spreads $10

Step 1: Choose your Bread

  • Wood Fired Sourdough

  • Wood Fired Rye Sourdough  

  • Wood Fired Fruit Loaf

  • Wood Fired Olive Sourdough    

  • Wood Fired Jalapeno Sourdough

  • Multigrain GF

Step 2: Choose your SPread

  • Pepe Saya Butter
  • Nut Butter

  • Berry Jam

  • Nutella

  • Raw Nutella

  • Vegemite

  • Honey


When PB met Rosie J
Peanut Butter, berry jam & rosemary

Nut’in But Love
Almond butter, banana, honey & spiced nut sprinkle on wood fired fruit loaf

Avo Good Day
Avo with chilli flakes & fresh lemon

Bacon, avo & egg

I Wanna Hold Your Ham
Boxgum Ham, mustard & tomato chutney with grilled Swiss cheese




Reuben Melt
Boxgum corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing topped with a pickle

3 Cheese Melt
Cheddar, Swiss & American blend on jalapeno & cheese Sourdough

Tuna Melt
Tuna mix & cheese

Ham Cheese Tomato
Boxgum Ham off the bone, tomato & cheese


Acai Bowl
Acai blended with coconut water & banana topped with strawberries, banana, coconut & muesli
Add: nut butter $2/gluten free muesli $1

Wood Fired Muesli Bowl
Tin Shed wood fired muesli topped with Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit & honey
Gluten free muesli available