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We are toasted

EST. 2017

Toasted was created when we realised we weren’t the only ones who thought that everything was better when it was on toast! 

We were inspired by the local produce in Canberra & wanted to share our love for toast & coffee with everyone.

We'd love for you to visit us and enjoy the simple things in life! 


OUr amazing suppliers


Tin Shed Bread

Tin Shed Bread is based in Gundaroo, where the magic happens. The baking is a three day process of hand mixing of wholegrain flours & filtered rainwater from the tin shed roof. The rested dough is then cooked in a wood fire oven until they ‘knock hollow’.

'Tin Shed Bread will always be a work in progress; our aim isn’t to make the same loaf of bread every day, but to make a better loaf of bread every day.’

instagram: @tinshedbread
Facebook: @tinshedbread

Long Paddock Eggs

Long paddock eggs was started to provide top-quality eggs and also to improve their paddocks and the quality of the soil in their pastures.

Chooks in mobile sheds fertilise and scratch up the top soils as they move around the paddocks, making the soil more seed and grass friendly.

Chooks farmed in this way are able to live the way chook like to live. Plenty of fresh grass, shade, leaf litter to stretch in, dust baths and safe shelter. Their current stocking density is only 185 hens per hectare. Their Maremma dogs and electric fencing provide protection, so the chooks can get up with the sun and roost when they like as part of nature’s rhythm. 

Instagram: @longpaddockeggs

Single O Coffee

The team at Single O are forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending & tasting. For all their joking-around, they take their coffee damn seriously.

They try to source ethically & environmentally sound beans, products & produce. Their roastworks runs on solar power & they had a hand in creating The Juggler, the world’s first purpose built café milk on tap system.

Single O have a rocking team of people with a love of their craft, a palate for quality & a penchant for fun

Instagram: @single_o

Boxgum Grazing

The core of Boxgum’s story is one of an absolute commitment to regenerative agriculture based on the pioneering concepts of Holistic Management. As such, they not only treat their pigs and cattle with the utmost respect, they harness their natural instincts to improve the soil, plants and biodiversity of the farm.

For Boxgum Grazing, free range is more than a phrase, it is the central pillar of everything they do. Better for the soil, better for the animals and better for flavour.

instagram: @boxgumgrazing
facebook: @boxgumgrazing

Burnbar Avocados 

Burnbar Fruit is a family owned orchid based at Alstonville on the far north coast near Byron Bay. Owners, Belinda & Andrew, believe in sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices within their industry.
Burnbar Fruit takes pride in upholding a ‘Biological friendly’ culture. Chemical usage is kept to a minimum & they are able to make and use their own compost.

Instagram: @burnbar

Little Big Dairy Co

Little Big Dairy is a small family owned diary farm based in Dubbo. They are committed to sustainable farming & have created the best tasting, single-source milk you'll drink! Their herd of 800 Holsteins are born & raised on their farm, with each one having a name!

The smallness & intimacy of their process, is what guarantees the integrity, quality & health benefits of their milk. 

Instagram: @littlebigdairyco